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Product Name : ε-Polylysine

This product is yellow powder and has strong hygroscopicity. It is widely used for food preservative. It has good water-solubility, high safety, good thermal stability, etc. It is a highly effective, non-toxic, safe and no side-effect food preservatives.

Quality standard:
Content  ≥ 87 %
Heavy metal( Pb ) ≤ 20 ppm
Loss on drying( 105 ℃ , 3h ) ≤ 20%
Ash ≤ 1%

This product was approved as safe food preservative by FDA in Oct, 2003, and widely used in food preservation. It is mainly used in imbibition material including sanitary towel, diaper, etc. It can be still used as biological core and carriers.

Using method:
Proposed to use cold water or distilled water to be matched to 5-10% solution, and then join into the food to completely mix. Pleases adopt classification extension addition method to achieve the purpose of mixing. The product can achieve better effect when using with other materials.

Packing specification:
0.1kg, 0.5kg, 5kg or according to demands from customers.

Storage condition:
Storing in cool and dark condition after sealing.

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