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Itaconic acid

Product Name : Itaconic acid

Itaconic acid, also called Methylene butanedioic acid or dissociative aconitic acid. It shall be called itaconate or methylene succinic acid according to its molecule structure. The molecular formula is C5H6O4; molecular weight is 130.1; specific density is 1.49. It dissolves in water, ethanol and acetone; one unsaturated double bond has conjugate relation with the hydroxyl. It has active chemical properties and enables various addition reactions and polyreactions. CAS: 97~65~4.

(1) The third monomer of acrylic fiber: Itaconic acid is utilized as the third monomer of acrylic fiber for easy dyeing.
(2) Agglutinant: The plastics and coating made of 1%~5% of itaconic acid and styrene composite has many advantages, such as light color, properties of easily drawing and separation, waterproofness and noncorrodibility. The agglutinant can be used to manufacture high-strength reinforced plastic glass fiber, and used for the coating of carpet and book cover.
(3) Adhesive and binding material: The tooth adhesive made of itaconic acid, crylic acid and high-valence metal oxides has excellent compression resistance and physiological adaption. The acrylic acid emulsion containing itaconic acid is a kind of good adhesive for non-interlaced fiber products. The adhesive with the content of itaconic acid polyvinyl chloride monomer is also an excellent paper and celluloid adhesive.
(4) Lens for special-purpose: the polymer containing itaconic acid has special brightness and transparency, so it is suitable for making artificial gem and lens for special purpose.
(5) Decontaminant: The polymer of itaconic acid and acrylic acid is a kind of high molecular chelating agent, which has special effect of resisting alkalized calcium and alkalized magnesium contaminants in water treatment. Thus, it can be used in purification of boiler or cooling plants.
(6) Itaconic acid and esters are ideal additives to produce synthetic resin, cation exchange resin and surface active agents.
(7) The pyrrolidone derivatives made of itaconic acid and aromatic diamine are good addictives for lubricant, cleaning agent and herbicide.
(8) Itaconic acid is the material for the production of citraconic acid, mesaconic acid and itaconic anhydride.
Quality Indicators:

white crystal or powder


99.5% min

Melting point:



20 APHA max

Heavy metals (pb):

15 PPM max

Iron (Fe):

10 PPM max

Dissolving transparency (5% water solution):

Lucidity, non-turbidity

Residue on ignition:

0.1% max

Loss on drying:

0.5% max

Sulphates (SO4)

50 PPM max

Storage: Keep it in a ventilated and dry place; prevent from sunlight; guarantee period: 3 years

Packing: 25kg, 500kg or 1000kg of itaconic acid per bag (inner-plastic and outer-woven bag)

Notice: If splashed in the mouth or eyes, flush thoroughly with clean water.

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